Event Summary

The Road to Organizational Management Certification

Date: May 16, 2019

Time: 01:00PM - 02:30PM

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In February 2018, URAC released its new Organizational Management Certification, which offers independent third-party validation of operational elements in organizations within the healthcare industry or serving healthcare organizations but not eligible for other URAC recognition programs. Derived from URAC’s Core accreditation, the Organizational Management Certification rigorously validates the capabilities of an organization in all the key management areas that are important for any quality healthcare entity.

Among the first organizations to successfully achieve certification under URAC’s new organization, Integral Healthcare Solutions (“IHS”), is a 17-year-old accreditation consulting firm that specializes in helping applicants successfully achieve URAC accreditation.

In this webinar, the Executive Team of IHS, Thomas G. Goddard, JD, PhD (CEO), Lesley Malus Reed, MHSA (President), and Susan DeMarino, RN, MSHS, CPHQ, RNC (Chief Clinical Officer), will sit down with Deborah Smith, URAC’s Product Development Principal, to discuss both the Organizational Management Certification program and IHS’s experience in going through the certification process over the last year. Attendees can look forward to a discussion that includes:

  • The structure of the certification program
  • The process of achieving certification
  • Lessons learned in going through the process

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about URAC’s Organizational Management Certification and to ask questions during a live chat Q&A session.

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