Christa Natoli

Deputy Executive Director, Center for Telehealth and eHealth Law

Christa Natoli serves as CTeL’s deputy executive director and is responsible for developing CTeL’s strategic mission.  She is one of two senior staff that provides direct legal and regulatory expert research and consultation services to CTeL’s members. She has extensive policy experience and knowledge in the areas of physician and nurse licensure, Internet prescribing, e-consultations, Medicaid reimbursement, mHealth, and international telemedicine.  As CTeL’s associate director, Natoli has led research efforts on these topics, which resulted in the production of CTeL’s most coveted publications–the 50 State Internet Prescribing Report, the 50 State Medicaid Reimbursement Report, the 50 State Physician Licensure Report, and the International Telemedicine Report. Natoli is also a published author and noted lecturer and speaker.