Mark Plaster MD

Founder, Telemedicine Magazine and Emergency Physicians Monthly

Mark Plaster, MD, JD, founder of Telemedicine Magazine and Emergency Physicians Monthly, has been an emergency physician for more than 30 years, working the night shift in some of the nation’s biggest cities. Today, Emergency Physicians Monthly is one of the most widely read emergency medicine publications in the industry, and Dr. Plaster’s “Night Shift” columns have been compiled into a book of the same title. Joining the Navy Reserves in 2001, Dr. Plaster was commissioned as a Lt. Commander and soon deployed to Iraq to lead a shock trauma team. His second tour in Iraq in 2008 was to provide humanitarian care and train Iraqi medical staffs. Recently retired from his ER practice, Dr. Plaster is currently the chief medical officer of Turning Point Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland, the largest faith-based substance abuse clinic in the U.S.